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This spot will be reserved for recording our financial progress towards creating an integrative cancer clinic.  As of 9/7/22, there have been no donations.

Upon request, anonymized donation information will be provided to make sure that all funds are properly accounted for.  Each donation will carry an order id with it.  The order id, along with the amount and time of the donation will be displayed, but no personal information.  This way all donations can be accounted for to make sure there has been no misappropriation of funds.  In the event that an integrative cancer clinic, for whatever reason, becomes an impossibility, or if the fundraising time exceeds five years from the first donation, the funds will be returned to the donors.

Therefore, the risk of your donation not going to good use is extremely minimal.  If the clinic is not created at all or within five years, you will receive your money back.

Is this not the most valuable donation that can be made?  For the cost of a few thousand dollars, we can create a clinic that can extend the lives of so many people.  Additionally, if you make a donation, it can be used either towards your time at the clinic, or it can be gifted to another patient.  So, if you donate $500 to the creation of the clinic, that can be used as a $500 credit for your time there, or it can be gifted to another patient upon your request.

I have seen firsthand people with ample knowledge who were unable to personally implement their integrative anti-cancer plan due to time, financial, or psychological restraints.  Integrative cancer care needs to be made as easy to obtain as possible for all patients.

If you wish to make your donation via bank wire, please email for bank wire information.

If you are a medical professional with an MD, DO, or ND and wish to be part of this journey, please email me at

Thank you, and God Bless!