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Cancer Self Defense 101

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, you know how overwhelming it can be. Decisions about treatment can be made at a breakneck speed with little involvement on behalf of the patient.


Actionable and scientifically supported, Cancer Self-Defense 101 aims to inform you about every stage of cancer treatment in an easy to digest manner, so you can be actively informed about your own treatment decisions.


Action-oriented suggestions for
battling a wide range of cancers.


Specific recommendations as to health care providers, clinics, etc.

Scientifically supported

Over 2,000 references back up every point made.

What country has the best cancer care?

Did you know that the Standard of Care for cancer treatment varies from country to country, and that the United States is not number one in survival? In fact, even with a very common cancer such as cervical cancer, the United States is actually number 19 in terms of survival.

What can we learn from these other countries? What treatments have shown promise then were never followed up with more trials?


Josh Fulton has gone on a hunt to find the most promising therapeutics across the world.  Cancer Self-Defense 101 documents his results.


Jen Maves
As someone with cancer, the information out there can be overwhelming. Joshua helped clarify and outline key treatments that would help me reduce cancer in my body.

As a result, the solid tumor of about 4.5 cm was greatly reduced to 3 cm as well as limit the blood supply to the tumor. It was very pleasurable to me to hear my doctor say, "I wanted you to have a double mastectomy but clearly it is not needed and glad you didn't listen to me!"

I will forever be grateful to Joshua for helping me along my journey and encourage you to get his book as an awesome reference and help you as you heal.
April White
My husband Wes and I met Josh and Katrina at a cancer clinic in Mexico. Immediately upon meeting, we could tell that Josh was very knowledgeable about cancer. He was constantly researching and writing as we met him. He would gladly share any information he would find that was relevant to us, as we were both leukemia survivors.

I have read Josh's book and think it's amazing. It is without a doubt the clearest, most useful book on integrative cancer treatments available.
Nate Hall
Josh's book is critically important for everyone going through cancer treatment. I have read many books about cancer and there is none written as clearly with as much information that you can act upon. This should be the first book that everyone who has cancer should read!

The #1 Cancer self-defense book

The oncology systems of every modern country treat patients as mere bystanders to their treatment.


Cancer Self-Defense 101 gives patients and their loved ones the ability to become informed about treatment options and to make decisions from a place of power rather than ignorance.