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The number 1 book for learning about and beating cancer.


Cancer Self-Defense 101

Did you know that the “Standard of Care” for cancer treatment varies from country to country?  In Asian countries, medicinal mushrooms are routinely given as a complementary therapy by mainstream oncologists.  In Germany, mistletoe is prescribed just as widely as a complementary therapy.


These countries, and others, have overtaken the U.S. in cancer survival rates.  In fact, the U.S. ranks a dismal 19th in overall survival for cervical cancer.


Cancer Self-Defense 101: Quick Tips to Help You Survive scours the globe for the most successful treatments and tells you how you can integrate them into your own treatments.

cancer self-defense 101 book

highlights of book


Action-oriented suggestions for
battling a wide range of cancers.


Specific recommendations as to health care providers, clinics, etc.


Supported by over 2,000 scientific references


Battling cancer with integrative treatments should be made as easy as possible.

My wife and I were fortunate enough to spend three months in an integrative clinic in Mexico. The overwhelming majority of people we saw, dozens of them, left better than they arrived. Yet many were not able to stay for the duration they needed due to financial concerns. Also, Mexican doctors were not able to prescribe repurposed drugs to their American patients for at-home use.

It is my goal to be involved in the establishment of the ideal American cancer clinic: one that adheres to the principles espoused in Cancer Self-Defense 101 while also being imminently affordable. Read more to find out more about my progress towards this goal.



Josh Fulton, like so many people, was an unwitting conscript into the war against cancer when his wife was diagnosed with stage IV melanoma.

An entrepreneur by trade, with no formal background in the sciences, Josh threw himself into medical research with a passion that only an emergency can provide. Through their journey, Josh and his wife, Katrina, traveled internationally and saw many people’s…

A Clinic

A note from Josh:

It is my goal, beyond the publishing of this book, to be involved with the creation of an integrative health clinic. If you are interested in finding out more about this clinic, please reach out to us at  If you are interested in becoming involved as a medical professional, please reach out as well!


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It can be challenging to digest a book such as Cancer Self-Defense 101 upon first reading, and perhaps time may be of the essence. If I could be of use to you personally, I am, for the time being, booking consultations to discuss the book and its implications.